Bill Cosby is an Innocent Man

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This is an innocent man. I don’t know that he didn’t rape those women but I do know he wasn’t proven guilty of any rapes and we need to adhere to the principle innocent until proven guilty. There are no exceptions for celebrities nor the type of crime committed. Innocent until proven guilty means something.  It’s not there to make us feel good like In God We Trust. It’s there because it is the only way to have a society where the innocent aren’t wrongly punished. While once in a while we know a guilty person gets off and leaves a bad taste in our mouths I assure you the taste is much worse when an innocent man is wrongly punished.

I do not know what the count is on the number of women who have accused Mr. Cosby at this point, I think I read 14 in one article, it could be more by now. What I do know is not a single woman made these allegations when there would have been time to properly investigate. That choice has consequences- lifelong consequences and never being able to prove his guilt is one of them. If it is true then the women’s decisions were no doubt difficult. I can see the logic in not wanting to risk your career and reputation by accusing a beloved performer of a terrible crime. However they made their choice. It is not the public’s job to punish someone with no evidence. Women can lie about rape. We know this, we’ve always known it and the recent retraction of the Rolling Stones article should be a loud reminder. Why would they lie? I don’t know and I dare not speculate, but it happens. Obviously not all rape allegations are false- but that is what a trial is supposed to decide. I don’t blame the women for coming forward now, it is most certainly their right if true- but I do blame our society for convicting a man without a trace of physical evidence.


2 thoughts on “Bill Cosby is an Innocent Man

  1. I think he did it. I think he’s a guilty, rotten, dirty old man who used his position in life to abuse his fellow human beings. And I think they should hang him and everyone who helped him cover these things up.

    After he’s been fairly tried and convicted. Because this is America and you are absolutely right.

    Well said.

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  2. Yes, Dr. Cosby is innocent, but is the target of a mass vicious character-lynching.

    Self promotion is the impetus for many of the accusations. Cosby accusers are writing op-eds in coveted media like Newsweek. Propelled ahead of professional writers. How many aspiring journalists wish for such opportunities? The accusers also get national interviews. Maybe book deals and other goodies are to follow. Accusing Bill Cosby gets them carried to the front of lines. We have motive.


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