What’s in a name?

NametagMy first real blog and it’s 2015… So I am a little late to the game. All the good blog names were taken. Just as well, any name I was thinking would easily link back to me. I decided to go as generic as possible. Apparently at least 7 others had the same idea so weblog8 was born. In case there was any confusion that’s pronounced web-log-8 and not we-blog-8. There’s no we in weblog8. It’s just me.

I don’t expect to be anonymous, there is much less of that than people think on the Internet. I just don’t need to make it easy for everyone to find me. I have a public enough internet presence as is. The problem is more than once I have typed out a reply on Facebook or was about to Tweet something and stopped myself because I worry too much what friends might think. I know if I had time to explain my thinking they would agree, or at least, agree to disagree after seeing the reasons. However a Facebook post, let alone a tweet, does not lend itself to detailed explanations and even if it did I am not always in the mood to explain.

I’m really not sure what I will be blogging about and less sure anyone will care, besides me.