Overweight vs. Homosexual

There are a lot of similarities to being overweight or being homosexual. For one there is the debate over whether the conditions are by choice or just how they were born. Genetic? Perhaps, or maybe something else non-genetic but still biological. Also similar is the fact I suspect that it’s probably some of both for both groups. Some overweight people can lose weight and keep it off if they try- they are basically choosing to be overweight. Some homosexuals can choose to not practice homosexuality- I have seen it happen. I strongly suspect however many homosexuals were born that way- and I highly suspect at least some overweight people have as hard a time losing weight as a heterosexual would have trying to choose to be homosexual. (As someone born heterosexual let me assure you there is no way you would ever choose to be gay. If you are choosing whether you are straight or gay then you were born different from me.) Building off that I am sure someone who is homosexual must be wired differently than I.

The overweight and homosexuals are both at higher risk of disease. Kids and teenagers who are overweight or homosexual often get made fun of or bullied. There are of course plenty of differences as well… But the one that stands out the most to me is that it is socially acceptable to attempt to eradicate obesity but not homosexuality. Obesity is like a disease that must be cured but homosexuality is  a trait that adds to our diversity. Why? What is the difference? This isn’t a rhetorical question. If you know the answer- please post a comment. I feel it’s important to note at this point that I personally am for equal rights, I would go about it differently, but I don’t believe homosexuality is against God or have any scripture to “prove” my view. So please trust me that I don’t mean this as an insult to homosexuals.

I’m not gay but I am overweight. I have been my entire life. Apart from a few years near the end of college and the first few years in the real world I always measured my shirts by the number before the XL… 2, 3, 4… the day I found some shirts that fit that were just XL was like discovering zero. My life up to that point I never even considered sizes below XL a possibility- I knew their names but they were myths to me. Unicorns, sasquatches… “No one is really a medium” I would think to myself. Real sizes begin at XL and go up from there.

So it is from that mindset I realize I am a member of the only minority group that it is socially acceptable to eradicate… And frankly, that makes me sad. It’s true given the choice I wouldn’t choose for my children to be fat- but the truth is I wouldn’t choose for them to be gay either- why increase their risk of disease? Why subject them to more bullying? Why increase the chance of suicide? There’s nothing morally wrong with being gay but reasonable people would avoid it if possible. There’s also nothing morally wrong with being overweight although you wouldn’t think that by what we hear on TV or read in books, magazines, and untold number of blogs. They are passing laws to prevent kids from becoming obese. Imagine if someone tried to pass a law to prevent kids from becoming gay. Do you think that sounds ridiculous? Perhaps, but I submit it is no more ridiculous to think you can legislate someone’s weight as you  their sexual preferences.