MeCall me Joe. I am a 30-something straight white male, in other words, the most boring type of person. I was born in New York City and still live nearby. I attended New York City public schools and went to a Long Island university from which I received  degree in Electrical Engineering. After college I spent 10 years working a most unusual job that involved a lot of travel and meeting a number of rich and famous people. Without warning I was hit with a severe illness. I spent a year in the hospital, much of the time in a coma. The illness has left me paralyzed below the waist. All money I had saved was long ago used to pay medical bills, rehab, and other expenses from my illness. I now rarely leave my bed and leave my home even less. Nevertheless I keep my mind busy with various online projects.

Weblog8 is one of these projects and one I wish to keep apart from the others, at least for now. I wanted a means to share some of my ideas with the world and this is it. Welcome and thank you for reading.


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